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Energy Emotion Releasing Packages

What is a Revolutionary Energy Emotion Releasing System?  

Try Me Emotional Code Package

1 x 30-Minute One-On-One Session = $50

Package of 3 = $75

Level Up Body Code Package

1 x 60-Minute One-On-One Session = $75  

Package of 3 = $150

Belief Code Packages

1x 90-Minute One-On-One Sessions = $100

Package of 3 = $225

Wholesale Account Oil Package

1 x 30-Minute One-on-One Complimentary Emotional Code Package FREE (One Time Only)

Minimum PV $100

What People Are Saying:

Unlocking new possibilities with the belief code. As someone who has always been curious about holistic wellness, Lona DeRieux reached out and told me that she was certified in The Belief Code during a time of personal growth and exploration. Little did I know that this powerful approach would become a game changer in my life. Breaking free from limiting beliefs allowed me to identify and release deep-seated negative belief systems that had held me back for years. These beliefs were like invisible chains, constraining my potential and stifling my joy. Through gentle energy work, I dismantled these barriers and stepped into a newfound sense of freedom. I highly recommend working with Lona today!

- Joie G.

After six sessions with Lona, my Spirit feels lighter and my heart feels open to new possibilities. Instead of dreading each day, I am hopeful and positive and the negative tapes in my mind are gone. It is uncanny how Lona is able to reach into the depth of my emotional pain and release it forever.

- Susan L.

I suffered with Lyme disease for eight years. The treatment was a daily dose of three strong antibiotics. When I tired of their effects, I'd stop them. Within a few weeks Lyme would be back so I'd opt for the meds. Lona got me to try her oils. Time passed and the Lyme never returned. I was astounded.

- Wally M.

Essential oils have helped me with my heart condition. I use the oils every morning and evening to help with the sharp pains I feel in my chest. They have also helped with clearing up skin conditions on my head and skin.

- Leo D., Age 88

I bought a Bemer about the time that I broke my back and neck in a bicycle accident in 2017. My Dr. was a bit worried about my ability to heal on my own. I broke my occipital condyle (non-displaced fracture) with other fractures in my neck. Also, a burst T-9 fracture in my back. 

- Sharon M.